Kim Corey, J.D. Attorney at Law

Kimberly Corey was admitted to the Wyoming State Bar in 2001 and to the Oregon State Bar in 2013.  After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, she received a BA in Sociology with a criminal justice emphasis from the University of Northern Colorado followed by a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Wyoming College of Law.  She was admitted to the Wyoming State Bar in 2001, and she was admitted to the Oregon State Bar in 2013. Kim has advocated for individual's civil rights before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Tenth District Court for the United States.  She has represented people accused of murder to simple misdemeanors, and complex divorces.

Kimberly Corey has practiced as an attorney for over 13 years focusing her practice in the area of criminal and family law.  Kim served as a Senior Assistant Public Defender for the State of Wyoming for 7 years broadening her experience with trials and a variety of challenging cases.  Her confidence in front of a jury has contributed to many successful verdicts including acquittals for DUI and sex crime charges.  Kim also has experience successfully appealing cases that have been presented to a jury.  She spent a year on the Juvenile Student Court in Natrona County Circuit Court, and she has extensive experience representing juvenile delinquents.  She has also represented parents in abuse and neglect cases.


"Part of my decision to move into private practice was to have a more personal relationship with my clients.  I have always been determined to protect our constitutional rights, and I believe that having more time to get to know my clients bettter serves that purpose."