Civil Engineering

Civil Design

Engineered design documents provide detailed design for the construction of public and private infrastructure necessary to serve new subdivisions and commercial/industrial developments. Roadways, sidewalks, sanitary sewer and water lines, power and other utilities, mass grading, and storm drainage facilities all require engineered design documents for permitting and construction. 

Grading & Drainage Plans

Some jurisdictions and developments require grading and drainage plans for new construction. Sun Country Engineering will design your site to comply with local specifications.

Construction Administration and Inspection

Sun Country Engineering will support your contractor and provide the necessary verification to certify that the improvements constructed are in compliance with the specifications required.

Residential Site Plans

New construction often involves detailed planning to permit and construct a new residence or accessory building. Sun Country Engineering can provide detailed topographic survey maps, site plans, grading and drainage plans, and work with your project design team to ensure proper placement and integration of utilities on your new home site.  

Commercial/Industrial and Mixed Use Sites

From retail shopping centers, auto sales lots, industrial parks and subdivisions, to a single use sites such as restaurants, hotels, and fueling stations, a detailed site plan for building placement, site grading, parking and vehicle circulation designs are critical for operations of any site. Sun Country Engineering had been a part the development team creating many local landmarks, such as the Forum Shopping Center, Deschutes County Fairgrounds, Scandia Square, American Lane Industrial Park, and many more small site projects.

  • Utility Design
  • Roadway/Streetscape
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Sewer/Pump Station Location
  • Parks & Recreation Facilities
  • Construction Admin & Inspection
  • Environmental Permitting (NPDES, U.I.C., etc.)
  • Subdivision Civil Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Lot Layout and Configiruation