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Drummer Boy Accessories - Inventor

Bruce Klouda of Drummberboy Accessories approached me about a new website to showcase his new invention; a product that will help drummers conveniently store, carry, and use their sticks.  At the point we started to create his new website, he didn't even have the StickKit in production, only a prototype.  I worked closely with him to shoot photographs of the product, create product descriptions, and elaborate the various features in detail.  

We shot photos for the homepage of the site that would be visually exciting and compelling; showing the product on a musical stage. We also shot detail images from various angles with professional white background for the product descriptions.  Finally, we were able to have one of his endorsing artists there so we could get a formal portrait for the artists page.

Then, we created a special exclusive section of the website reserved for prospective investors which is only accessible be access code.  We finished this site just in time for him to visit the NAMM conference and show a few folks in the industry.