Website Creation Rates and Phases

All projects are billed by the hour, but basic sites generally start at around $1500 for a complete site including all the training you will need to continue to maintain it yourself for free.

  • Basic website including custom design, full CMS with many powerful features and easy maintenance, one-on-one training. $1000-$1200
  • Annual hosting fee which includes 24 hour support, unlimited email accounts, etc. $150/year

Other Sites

We often do much more elaborate and powerful custom web applications such as custom eCommerce systems, special features for organizations, database integration, email marketing tools, etc.

  • Custom eCommerce site including integration of existing product line, creation of custom shipping calculations, discounts, sales logic, etc. $1500+
  • Custom web applications and database integration $1500+


Projects are completed in two phases:

Phase 1 : Create website

  1. Consultation about project goals, marketing ideas, necessary features, domain name options, logo design ideas, etc.
  2. Create basic framework, visual design, and configure currently contributed content
  3. Get approval on visual design and features, more consultation to generate final content pages, images, etc.
  4. Create custom features as necessary
  5. Training for site maintenance, creation of future content pages, email accounts, images, etc.

Phase 2 : Basic SEO

  1. Search engine optimization including google setup with various tools such as analytics, webmaster tools, maps, places, etc.
  2. Keyword research and evaluation
  3. Site keyword optimization, title tag creation, embedded links, per page site descriptions, etc.
  4. Manage content and links for external web precenses such as directories, indexes, DEX, local profiles, etc.

Other options

  • eCommerce features and customization
  • Custom logo design
  • Video production for Youtube, Yelp, etc
  • Configuration and setup of third party email marketing systems
  • Custom print media packages
  • Complete site maintenance and regular content creation for news, events, etc.
  • Custom web applications
  • Database integration
  • Custom ad creation for site or external ad placement